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Why Invest at Libro

Stocks and markets will rise and fall, trends will come and go, and financial advice will continue to evolve. The factor that remains constant is your vision of what you’re investing for. That’s what drives the Libro approach. Education funds for your children, retirement savings, investments that are used for trips and other big purchases — no matter what you’re saving for, understanding what motivates you is what motivates us.

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It Pays to Bank With Us

When you open an investment with us, you become a Libro Owner. You will receive a share of our profit based on how much business you do with us.

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Certified Coaches

You have access to an expert Libro Coach. Markets go up and down but your trust in our advice doesn’t have to. Let’s grow prosperity together.


Personalized Investing

We help you find an investment strategy that works with your life now and your vision for the future. Your needs always come first.

Online Tools

Check out Libro’s easy-to-use online financial planning and investment calculators, including net worth, pay yourself first, will the money last, savings growth, plus many more.

Ways to Invest

Whether you’re looking for wealth management services, personalized investments for TFSAs, RRSPs, RESPs, GICs, or online investing, Libro helps make the most of your investments.


Personalized Investing

Securing Your Future

We understand your journey. Save for education, vacation, or retirement with a Libro Coach.

Invest in TFSA, GIC, RRSP and more.

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Wealth Management

Setting You Up for Success

Specialized investment planning for those with greater than $500,000 in investable assets or complex tax and succession planning needs.

Our experts can help.

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Automated Investing

Qtrade Guided Portfolios®

Digital advice, or robo-advice, from Qtrade Guided Portfolios® is a simple online investing service that provides you with a professionally-managed, low-cost portfolio to match your personal financial goals.

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Online Investing

Qtrade Direct Investing

Qtrade Direct Investing* is Libro’s preferred solution for Owners who want to manage their own investments, or a portion of their own investments.

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Success Stories

“The investment world is so in-depth. Unless you’re on top of it, you’d better let the professionals manage it. And it gives us comfort that they take care of it.”

Scott & Cynthia

Empty-nesters and retirees, Libro Wealth Management clients

“My Libro Financial Planner took the time to get to know me and my family. She showed me a retirement I couldn’t have imagined before. My plan is on track and I feel great about my future.”


Single mom and soon-to-be-retired investor, Libro Wealth Management client

“My husband and I became Libro members while searching for the right team to manage our retirement funds. The transition from income earners to living by withdrawing from investments was an anxious thought. Our Libro Coaches that we have dealt with understand this anxiety and have spent a lot of time with us ensuring that we are comfortable with, and fully aware of, investment and withdrawal choices.”

Herb and Deb

Recent Retirees (and living the dream!)

Responsible Investing at Libro

When it comes to investing at Libro, you don’t have to compromise your values to maximize your returns. Responsible Investing is the incorporation of environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) in the management and selection of investments. With responsible investing you can invest your money in products that are working towards a better tomorrow while making competitive returns. Libro has several trained Responsible Investment Specialists to support you in your responsible investing journey.  To learn more, book a meeting with a Coach today.

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Hear from Jay Zhang, one of our licensed Responsible Investment Specialists below!

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