Switching Made Easy

Switch your payments and deposits to Libro.

It’s never been easier to switch your banking to Libro!

It can be overwhelming to switch your banking to a new financial institution, especially when you have recurring payments that are withdrawn from your account and direct deposits that need to be moved. That’s why we make it easy to switch bank accounts through an automated, online process. Leave worry behind and ensure you don’t miss a payment during your account transition.

How it works

  1. Log into the free online solution called ClickSWITCH.
    To get your activation code to log into ClickSWITCH you can call us at 1-800-361-8222, submit a Secure Message in Online Banking, or stop by any branch today. Once you have your activation code, you can login and activate this secure, online solution in a few simple clicks.
  2. Switch your direct deposits and automatic payments.
    Use your previous bank account to automatically find and switch all recurring transactions.
  3. Get notifications in real time.
    The software does the work for you. Throughout the process, you’ll receive real-time updates and be notified when the switch is complete.

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