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    Personal banking at Libro comes with service commitments - we believe these commitments add up to a dramatic improvement in banking.

    That said, at Libro it's what you think that matters most. So review our list, check out the navigation bar for details about all the banking you need, and most of all, be sure to come in for a visit so we can help with what's important to you.

    Libro Commitments:

    1. Banking at Libro will always be personal
    2. Banking at Libro will be kept as straightforward
    3. Everyone who banks at Libro is entitled to a Coach
    4. We will help you tailor banking to your life
    5. We'll help you get as financially free as possible

    With ATM access worldwide, online and mobile banking, welcoming branches and accommodating staff, Libro is at least as convenient as any bank. Our loans and interest rates are fair and we are transparent. And above all, we help you own your life.