Grants, Sponsorships & Partnerships

Making Positive Local Impact

Libro invests 100% of profits back into the people, businesses and communities we serve. One of the ways we do this is by supporting organizations that are making a positive local impact helping address some of the most challenging issues in southwestern Ontario: Employment, Financial Resilience, Local Food Accessibility and Housing.


Increasing productive employment and decent work for all, reducing talent shortage, supporting agriculture and small business including social enterprises and co-operatives.

Types of initiatives we support

  • Those that promote self-employment, entrepreneurship, small business start-up, development and growth.
  • Those providing employment or pre-employment training and skills development for people, including youth and people with employment barriers.
  • Those that promote and strengthen mission-based businesses, cooperatives, social enterprises, community owned businesses, and values-aligned local business networks.

Financial Resilience

Improving the financial capacity and resilience of people, businesses and organizations.

Types of initiatives we support

  • Those helping to build financial knowledge, skills and confidence of individuals and families.
  • Those that promote economic self-reliance for marginalized members of the community.


Enhancing access to adequate, safe and affordable housing for all.

Types of initiatives we support

  • Those working to increase the affordable housing supply.
  • Those that help people in vulnerable housing situations transition to stable housing and independent living.

Local Food Accessibility

Improving food systems to increase access to local food for all.

Types of initiatives we support

Programs and projects promoting:

  • local and sustainable agriculture
  • community gardens & farmers markets
  • local food sector initiatives
  • food processing and distribution projects

Annual Grants

Through our Annual Grants program, Libro funds initiatives helping address local priorities aligned with our pillars of financial resilience, employment, local food accessibility and housing across southwestern Ontario. View the top of this page for examples of the types of initiatives we support.

Applications will be reviewed and selected by locally elected Owner Representatives, and will be assessed based on:

  1. Alignment to our pillars
  2. Positive impact to the local communities
  3. Stability and governance of the organization

Minimum grant amount: $5,000
Maximum grant amount: $20,000

Applications for the 2024 grant cycle are now open.

Apply Here

Funding decisions will be announced in October.

See the full program guidelines

Click here to learn about the 2023 grant recipients



Sponsorships, Donations and Partnerships

Through Sponsorships and Donations, Libro provides in-kind and financial support up to $20,000 for local initiatives and events aligned with our pillars.

Applications for $20,000 and above will be reviewed as Impact Partnerships. Libro partners with organizations that help us advance our strategic social purpose in southwestern Ontario creating measurable outcomes in the areas we have identified as our pillars.

Please keep in mind:

  • Applications for Sponsorships, Donations and Impact Partnerships are accepted year-round.
  • There is only one application form and the questions will vary based on the support requested.
  • Typically, 4 – 6 weeks are required for us to decide on applications under $20,000 and then contact you with a response.
  • Partnership applications up to $50,000 will be reviewed bi-monthly. Applications over $50,000 will be reviewed quarterly.
  • Previous support by Libro Credit Union does not guarantee approval of your application and not all eligible requests can be funded.

Ineligible applicants or projects:

  • Individual or private business applicant
  • Projects and programs that take place outside of southwestern Ontario
  • Requests that attach significant legal exposure or financial risk to Libro
  • Partisan or religious events or initiatives that are not open to all members of the community


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