Your LibroCard makes paying for everyday purchases quick and convenient and offers special features setting it apart from your average debit card.

Interac Flash

With Interac Flash you can make smaller, everyday purchases up to $250 without having to insert your card and enter your PIN. Simply tap your card at a point-of-sale machine that supports Interac Flash – it’s quick and secure. Contact your Coach today  to upgrade your LibroCard to Interac Flash. It’s free!

Use it like a Mastercard

LibroCard Debit Mastercards® have both the benefits of Interac ® and Mastercard. Not only does this make purchasing easier than ever before, the funds are taken directly from your Libro account. You can make reservations for hotels, pay for car rentals, shop online with all international merchants and pay for streaming services! Check out the online list of Canadian merchants that accept Debit Mastercard.

Add it to Your Mobile Wallet

Pay with ease digitally, on the go or virtually, by adding your LibroCard to your mobile wallet. For Apple devices, bring your card to Apple Pay® straight from the Libro Mobile Banking app, or your Apple Wallet.
Got an Android device? Bring your card to Google Pay™ through your Google Wallet.

Learn How to Add Your LibroCard to Your Mobile Wallet

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Samsung Pay

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Interac Flash secure?

Interac has a zero liability policy for cardholders: victims of fraud are reimbursed for unauthorized transactions. There is an extra layer of security with spending limits. No single transaction can exceed $250 and the consecutive contactless transactions cannot exceed $500. Once the $500 limit has been reached, a PINned transaction is required which will reset the limits. More than 10 million debit transactions are processed in Canada every day, and more than four billion take place a year without incident.

How can I protect myself?

Prevent others from using or accessing your card, by keeping it secure and within control at all times. Always protect your PIN; cover the terminal when entering your number, and never disclose it to anyone. Make sure your PIN cannot be easily figured out. Don’t use your birth date, address or part of your telephone number. Monitor your account and immediately report any suspicious activity. Immediately report your card if it becomes lost or stolen.

What about fraud?

  • E-Pickpocketing claims that devices can be adapted to remotely scan the data from contactless bank cards. This is a myth. For every transaction, the card must be held four centimetres away from the terminal which makes stealing your card information quite difficult. Even if someone got your card number, they are not able to do anything with it. Card numbers are identifiers, not account numbers so it can’t be used to access your bank account.
  • When making a contactless transaction there is no information changing hands that would be useful to criminals. Even if there was, the $400 limit is of minimal interest to crooks. Criminals today want to do large- scale fraud.
  • The fewer transactions we process with a PIN, the less chance we have of being affected by fraud or skimming.

Round Up

Savings made simple! Round up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar, a specified percentage, or a specific dollar amount every time you use your LibroCard. This amount is then transferred directly into a savings account of your choice. Contact your Coach to get started.

Have a lost or stolen debit card?

During business hours: Call the Contact Centre at 1-800-361-8222 or visit your nearest branch.

After branch hours: Owners must call Everlink at 1-888-277-1043. This number is available 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

**To learn which Apple devices are compatible with Apple Pay visit Apple’s website.
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