Putting Planet and People First

April 28, 2021

Canada’s financial services industry has a large role to play in the wellbeing of people, our communities, and our planet. At Libro, we believe that this responsibility is not to be taken lightly. Financial institutions have the ability to make positive impact when we don’t exclusively prioritize profit, but rather when we prioritize people and our planet.

While everyone is on their own sustainability journey, we believe these practices shouldn’t be an afterthought, but rather a priority. As a certified B Corporation and a purpose-based business, we recognize that climate change is a real and pressing problem and we’re committed to limiting our impact on the environment and helping our Owners become more resilient in the face of climate change.

A crucial first step in practising sustainable business behaviours is holding yourself accountable. Though Libro is learning everyday, these are some of the ways we ensure we are holding ourselves accountable to this priority.

  • We are proud to offer Responsible Investments to our Owners. Responsible Investments actively make a positive impact on people and our planet. It is more than just screening to decide if they are “good or bad” companies to invest in, but rather actively working with companies to improve their practises and impact. These investment products enable you to earn competitive returns and create positive social and environmental changes.
  • We are participating in a National Working Group through the Canadian Credit Union Association to develop and publicize measurements that credit unions may use to track and disclose their portfolios’ carbon-emissions impact. A key priority for the Working Group has been raising awareness of climate-related risks, the public policy implications, and the industry leading climate disclosure frameworks.
  • With over 35 brick and mortar locations across southwestern Ontario we are currently assessing our green house gas (GHG) emissions. By assessing our current emissions, we have the ability to develop and operationalize plans to reduce the impact of our physical locations.
  • Libro is engaging in research later this year to identify and understand our key climate related risks and opportunities and finding ways to help Owners in addressing theirs.
  • We believe in using business as a force for good, positive, long-lasting change both socially and environmentally. Every action towards a sustainable future is one worth taking to ensure a better tomorrow. Though there is much work to be done, committing to learning and evolving is something we can all start doing today.

Let’s make money better for people, for our planet and the next generation.

By Liz Arkinstall

Liz is the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Libro Credit Union. She is passionate about helping businesses adopt a purpose beyond profit approach to help solve some of societies greatest challenges. She is a dog lover, avid recycler and yoga instructor.