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    Bringing the Libro experience to you online.

    It's a given today that many people prefer to do and manage their day-to-day banking and bill payments online. You can do it any time, in your pajamas if you like, and keeping a record of what you've done becomes very easy.

    Libro offers an excellent online banking service and our Coaches are willing and able to set you up and teach you the ropes.

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    Your accounts dashboard

    Accounts are organized by account types and sections are collapsible and summed together for easy viewing. You can customize account names and see joint accounts all on the same page. Dig in to see a detailed breakdown of each account.




    Click the images to the side to get a full view.

    Pay bills and transfer your money

    Pay bills and transfer your money with ease. Pay multiple bills at once, set up one-time or recurring payments and transfers, and personalize your transactions with a comment to help remind yourself what that transfer or payment was for.

    Both sections provide a full view of all your upcoming and past transactions. They allow you to stay in one spot to move your money, edit pending and recurring transactions, add new payees and view past transactions.

    Advanced search filters and sorting

    Now it's easier than ever to find the transaction you're looking for right within your account details page. Click on the account you want to explore and then filter by transaction type, date range or limit your search between dollar values.

    Your search results all show up on one page making it great for sorting by date or dollar amount.

    Download effortlessly

    Download account history right from the account details page. If you filtered your data while reviewing your transactions, those filters will carry over when you go to download your data and it's easy to reset if you want to download something different.

    Download transactions in your preferred format. Libro currently supports Excel (comma delimited), Microsoft Money, Quicken, QuickBooks and Simply Accounting.

    Connecting with Libro has never been easier

    Your Coach, online

    At Libro, coaching is at the centre of everything we do. Coaching is more than advice. Coaching is an expert who becomes accountable for helping you improve your financial well-being. They help you connect all the dots and gain control of your money. They support you, educate you and inspire entire families if that's what it takes.

    And as such, we think it's important to bring you your Coach, online. Here is the beginning of a much larger vision Libro is working towards called Coach Connect™ where we can truly bring coaching sessions to you, on-the-go or from the comfort of your home.

    Secure Message

    Secure Message is a great way to connect to your Libro Coach or Libro's Contact Centre securely. Basically it's your secure personal email, that lives in Online Banking where you have a direct line to Libro to get quick,
    on-the-go service.

    The new business view

    Your business view

    For many small- and medium-sized businesses Libro's new Online Banking offers a business view to help you focus on your business finances. Switch back and forth from personal to business banking without having to sign in and out. It will enable you to focus your attention on the task at hand, whether that be business growth or your family's future.

    This now gives us the ability to build you business specific features without complicating your personal banking interface.

    2-to-sign and view-only access coming in 2015.

    Select which accounts to separate

    For those businesses who wish to take advantage of the personalized business view, choose which accounts you wish to show up as business vs. personal. You have complete control over which accounts show up under which view.

    Pay your business taxes, online

    Pay business taxes right from your Libro account.

    Coming soon

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    Libro's Online and Mobile Banking is available to all Libro Owners.

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