Libro Credit Union Upgrades Integrated Digital Account Origination


Libro Credit Union Upgrades Integrated Digital Account Origination

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 – Ontario’s Libro Credit Union has upgraded to thirdstream Inc.’s latest iteration of their digital account origination platform. The deployment leverages the solution’s integrated identity verification capabilities, providing multi-factor identity verification and real-time account funding. The solution enables consumers from across Ontario to join Libro, from anywhere, anytime, with full security, complying with all banking regulations.

Libro Credit Union initially selected thirdstream’s cumulus platform as part of its digital banking strategy, selecting the company for its knowledge and experience in the Canadian marketplace. “When people are looking for a new bank to put their money, they’re looking for a partner that not only matches their values but also makes it extremely easy to get started, so it was important to partner with a fintech that could make a fairly complex process seem quick and easy.” said Michael Ketelaars, Libro Credit Union. “We know that people’s first impression of Libro is extremely important and now you’re able to join Libro in minutes using this new platform, from any device. Making it easy for people to become Owners of Libro, quickly and seamlessly will be extremely important moving forward as our message of growing prosperity continues to resonate across our region.”

The cumulus online platform is one of four onboarding modules deployed by thirdstream, helping financial institutions attract individuals and businesses, in-branch and online. The platform is now integrated with all of Canada’s leading enterprise account processing providers. This helps clients expand their base of account holders, expand the range of services offered to existing customers, creating a consistent customer experience in-branch and online, from any device, in any location.

“The team at thirdstream is proud of the long-standing relationship with Libro,” Keith Ginter, CEO says. “Libro is an example of a financial institution focused on providing Owners with the modern banking experiences consumers expect. thirdstream has been building out solutions that promote improved customer experiences, and helping financial institutions achieve on their growth and efficiency objectives.”
Libro joins over thirty leading Canadian financial institutions in adopting the online and in-branch account opening and digital lending solutions thirdstream has deployed today.

About Libro Credit Union 

Libro Credit Union is the largest credit union in southwestern Ontario, a full-service financial institution with a social purpose. Libro has 105,000 Owners, because customers really do own the company and take a share of the profits. More than 600 employees work in 31 branches serving 25 communities across southwestern Ontario and offering accounts, loans, financial, investments, credit cards, cash management and employer services.

About thirdstream 

thirdstream, headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, is the leading provider of in-branch and online onboarding and lending solutions, for consumers and business transactions. Serving clients in every province from Quebec to British Columbia, thirdstream’s onboarding experience solutions serve over 30 Canadian financial institutions, representing more than $330 billion in assets. thirdstream is continually evolving its product line, allowing its clients to pay a modest monthly fee for account opening solutions that offer continual and seamlessly delivered improvements. To learn more, visit or email George Hofsink, VP Sales and Marketing, thirdstream at