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Open Mortgage

Open mortgages can be paid off anytime without a penalty. Open mortgages provide the greatest amount of flexibility. A rate premium may be applied.

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Closed Mortgage

Closed mortgages can offer a lower overall rate yet this type of mortgage cannot be paid off early without facing a penalty.

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Fixed Rate Mortgage

A fixed rate means your interest is set for the entire term of the mortgage. You’ll always know what your mortgage payments will be and how much of your mortgage will be paid off at the end of the term.

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Variable Rate Mortgage

A variable rate mortgage can change because the mortgage rate is based on the prime rate. When the prime rate changes, it affects your mortgage rate. The good news is that your mortgage payment amount will not change.

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Conventional Mortgage

A conventional mortgage is attached to the property and the mortgage terms cannot be changed. A new mortgage would be required to make any changes to a conventional mortgage.

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High-Ratio Mortgage

High-Ratio mortgages are used when a buyer has less than a 20% down payment of the home price and require mortgage insurance from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Sagen™

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