Urban Roots London

Growing food security in local communities

Since 2017, Urban Roots London has grown over 80 thousand pounds of food, with over 20 thousand pounds donated to local organizations that provide frontline services. 


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Libro has partnered with Urban Roots London since 2020.

As our roots are in agriculture, Libro remains excited to partner with customers and organizations working on this progressive industry. We are proud to support Urban Roots in the amazing work they do rehabilitating city spaces to grow the roots of new food and doing so in a way that Londoners can grow new social roots in their community.  

As part of URL’s model of thirds, no more than 33% of its production is sold at full price, 33% is sold at affordable rates, and no less than 33% is donated to community partners.  To ensure populations experiencing barriers in our community can access their produce, URL intentionally partners with organizations led by equity-deserving groups, work to grow culturally relevant produce whenever possible and support barriered growers and start-ups in the region. 

In 2023 we renewed our partnerships and have pledged to contribute $60,000 for the next three years, bringing our total financial support to $150,000. This investment in Urban Roots has enable them to  make upgrades to their farm, grow their capacity, strengthen, and create new partnerships, and increase employment and training opportunities. 

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Impact since 2017

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Over 80,000 lbs harvested

Over 21,000 lbs donated

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Over 48,000 lbs affordably distributed through London


Over 30,000 lbs of food waste diverted from landfills

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