Small Business Enterprise Centres

Empowering entrepreneurs: fostering growth and innovation in the food and beverage industry

For over 30 years, Ontario Small Business Enterprise Centres have been committed to guiding people through the start-up and early growth stages of small business. They are key economic development partners within their local communities. Under the umbrella of Foodpreneur Advantage, these organizations have come together to offer a collection of entrepreneurial food-related programming.  

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This program was launched in April 2021.

Foodpreneur Advantage helps entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their food or beverage business in southwestern Ontario access training, mentoring, coaching and the tools necessary to succeed. From introductory workshops for any food related business to comprehensive programs for scalable food and beverage manufacturing ventures that produce consumer packaged goods (CPG). 

Libro committed $160,000 to fund this initiative for four years.  

As of fall of 2023  some of the outcomes of the program include: 

  • 190 businesses launched or expanded 
  • 163 new jobs 
  • 66 businesses supported by the Scale-Up Program 
  • 1000+ people benefited from the training 

Small businesses play a crucial role in the economy. Employment and food accessibility are areas that Libro cares about and wants to help create positive outcomes. This partnership brings together small business centres across our service area and is a fantastic example of what collaboration can do to amplify impact.  

Success stories Foodpreneur Advantage Program 2023

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