Bringing agri-food education to the classroom  

Through experiential and science-based programs, AgScape provides young people with the tools and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about the agri-food industry, including, the foods that they eat, the practices involved in their production, and the career opportunities available within the sector.  

AgScape believes in a shared future where the agriculture and food sector is recognized as a vehicle for positive social, economic, and environmental impact in building resilient communities throughout Ontario. AgScape accomplishes this goal by offering educators and students interactive programs and resources grounded in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

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Libro has been a supporter of AgScape since 2019

We have strong roots in agriculture and understand the importance of the work AgScape does to increase awareness of food systems and agriculture, and to ignite interest in related careers among youth.

Libro’s contribution helps fund the Teacher Ambassador Program (TAP) and the thinkAG career competitions.

AgScape’s (TAP) offers free interactive and experiential agriculture and food lessons delivered by Ontario Certified and AgScape trained educators for 6+ years. Each lesson emphasizes one of 12 different agri-food areas, including biotechnology, the environment, business, and food security, all with a career component to highlight the diverse opportunities within the sector.

AgScape’s thinkAG Career Competitions bring together industry representatives and youth to explore employment opportunities within the agri-food sector, through experiential, hands-on activities.

In 2023 we renewed our partnership and pledged a contribution of $60,000 over the course of three more years.

This multi-year investment in AgScape will provide longer-term sustainable support to continue empowering students with agri-food knowledge and inspire them to make food related career choices.

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September 2020 to June 2023 in Libro’s Service Areas

Teacher Ambassador Program (TAP) Impact


272 Lessons Delivered

Outline of head with brain inside and lines going up

6,153 Educational Experiences

Libro Location

65 Schools Visited

11 School Boards Reached

thinkAG Career Competitions

Model of hierarchy of employees

22 Events Held

Outline of head with brain inside and lines going up

2,870 Educational Experiences

Libro Location

20 Schools Visited

5 School Boards Reached

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