How to Support Local Businesses

January 13, 2021

Supporting local means, you care about the community you live in – and so do we. Now, more than ever, is a time to be a conscious consumer.

At Libro, we have a purpose beyond profit, helping Owners achieve their goals, supporting businesses to create a thriving local economy, and contributing to strong and prosperous communities. That’s why we wanted to share a list of the many ways you can show local love, right now.


  1. Write an honest and supportive review of their business online.
  2. Tag the business on social media and follow them if you aren’t already.
  3. Tell your family and friends.
  4. Order take-out or curbside delivery or buy from their online store.
  5. Purchase a gift card (they don’t expire).
  6. For small gyms and fitness studios—if you’re able to maintain your membership, consider doing so.
  7. Reschedule your appointment if you can, instead of cancelling.
  8. Book a virtual class if it’s offered.
  9. Purchase birthday gifts for loved ones now, even if their big day is months away.
  10. Finally, send a note to say thank you. An act of compassion and appreciation goes a long way.

Local businesses are the heart of our communities. That’s why Libro has proudly supported local businesses with financial coaching for over 70 years.

Local businesses put 4.6 times more money into the local economy than multinational corporations, recirculating 63 per cent of their revenue back into the economy.

Local businesses are owned by people we know, and our friends and neighbours work there. We are all in this together. Let’s continue to support local in different ways.

By Jill Brush

Regional Manager, Business Banking