B the Change: How Supporting B Corps Can Make a Lasting Impact

September 24, 2020

Our community, city and planet are faced with complex challenges that require our collective action. Gone are the days when for-profit businesses existed solely for the purpose of making a profit. Many companies are using their business power as a force for good, making a positive impact in their communities and strengthening their business.

Libro has a purpose beyond profit. We think differently about how we operate and make decisions to have a positive impact on our Owners, communities and our staff. This approach is built into how we operate, from our choice to become a living wage employer, to how we govern our business and our coaching (versus selling) philosophy to the types of products and services we offer. The big decisions are rooted in our purpose, and the small ones are too. Things like who we buy our merchandise from, working to make our physical locations greener and joining important community conversations. These are a few tangible examples of how being purpose driven has been woven into our DNA. That being said, the work is never done and we are continuously looking to improve our efforts and evolve to meet the unique and changing needs of our communities, country and planet.

Libro is proud to be a certified B Corporation, joining leaders of the global movement. Certified B Corporations — or B Corps — meet a higher standard of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. This community comprises over 3,500 B Corps from 150 industries operating in over 74 countries worldwide that have committed to conducting business responsibly. When we make small changes in our daily lives, our efforts add up to a much larger cumulative action. As a consumer, there are lots of ways to do good with your dollars.

Help support local businesses by purchasing a product or engaging on social media with these 10 fellow Ontario B Corps:

If you’re a business owner, you can join the cause by supporting B Corps that provide products and services to other businesses, like those listed below. You can also consider joining the B Corp movement:

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By Sarah Folkes-Fergusson