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    Libro's Online Banking Experience

    The first time you sign into your new Online Banking you'll be asked to setup your account just the way you like.

    The process takes a few minutes but to make it easy, we've created this page showing what to expect the first time you login.

    Get Started

    Logging In


    Start with your Account Number

    Get started by entering your Libro Account Number.


    Enter your Personal Access Code

    Your Personal Access Code was provided to you when registering for Online Banking with your Libro Coach. Enter this code to finish logging in.

    Logging In with Enhanced Security


    Personalized Image and Caption

    If you have enabled Enhanced Security, along with being asked for your Personal Access Code you will also be presented the Personalized Image and Caption you set up. Before entering your Personal Access Code always double check these security features to ensure you're logging into your secure Libro Account.


    Personal Verification Question

    If you are logging in from a computer you have not verified as secure, we ask you a Personal Verification Question. Answer your question to finish logging in.

    What is Enhanced Security?

    Enhanced Security is an opt-in service to further protect your account from fraudulent activities. Set up a personalized image and add a unique caption to help recognize your account during the login process.

    Once you have recognized your personalized image and caption, you are safe to continue. If you don't recognize or see your picture and caption, do not enter your Personal Access Code. First check that you entered the correct information. If you are still unsure, contact Libro before continuing.

    The last feature of Enhanced Security are three verification questions which you set up to help keep intruders out. A question is presented at random to be answered prior to completing your login. This step can be skipped on computers you trust and use regularly.

    Enhanced Security is a highly recommended feature to help keep your online account secure.

    Account Setup

    The first time you log in to Libro's Online Banking you will be taken through an account setup. This helps ensure all of your information is up to date and accurate along with ensuring your account is personalize to your liking. Below we provide an overview of what to expect.


    In this section, we ask you to update your personal information. This includes: adding an optional personal photo and updating your email address, phone number and home address.


    Make your account more secure by updating your password and enabling Enhanced Security.


    Notifications are a great tool which help you stay in touch with what's happening in your accounts. Sign up to receive email or text message notifications.


    Now we're giving you the ability to separate your business accounts from your personal accounts to provide a more focused view. It's optional and we believe a service that will add a lot of value for those who enjoy separating their business finances from their personal.


    Libro's Online and Mobile Banking is available to all Libro Owners.