Samsung Pay

Asset 14-2.pngSamsung Pay - Simple. Secure. Widely accepted.

Add your LibroCard to Samsung Pay and make fast, easy payments from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.  Use it virtually wherever you shop, with such wide acceptance, you’re on your way to wallet-free shopping.

Adding a Card to Samsung Pay

On your smartphone: 

1. Follow on screen instructions to add your LibroCard and then select your preferred method to verify the card. 

2. Select your desired security or authentication options. You’re all set to start using Samsung Pay! 


Paying with Samsung Pay  

Simply swipe up from the home button on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to access your LibroCard, use your PIN, iris or fingerprint to authorize your purchase, then hold your phone over the payment terminal to complete your transaction.

Where to use Samsung Pay  

Samsung Pay works wherever Interac®  Flash is accepted. Just look for the Interac®  Flash logo or contactless symbol at the checkout.