Here’s Why You Should Buy, Eat, & Support Local Agriculture

February 10, 2020

Southwestern Ontario is home to over 27,000 farms and the region is responsible for some of the best produce and most sought-after food in the world!

Libro has strong roots in southwestern Ontario agriculture — it’s where we started! We believe that supporting local agriculture is key to a thriving local economy and is one of the many reasons why we live, work and play in southwestern Ontario. Whether it’s eating at farm-to-table restaurants, buying fresh produce from your local market, or buying directly from farmers, supporting the local food movement has a positive impact on our communities.

Why is it important to support local agriculture?

Supporting local farmers helps keep money invested in our communities

When we buy goods or services that are grown or processed in our local community, that money stays right here in our own economy. This helps strengthen our communities, create job security and builds a bright future for the next generation!

Purchasing locally grown food benefits the environment

Purchasing locally grown food has a lower carbon footprint than purchasing imported food as there is not as much fuel and energy used in transportation and shipping. When we purchase food from a local farm, farmers market, or stores that carry local products, the food is only travelling a short distance from farm to store to your home. As a bonus, it is also fresher!

Buying local food helps protect land and the farming workforce

When we buy locally grown food, we support local farmers,producers and all those employed in agri-businesses. With 27,000 farms in southwestern Ontario, that’s a lot of families who rely on careers in agriculture!

What steps can we take to support our local farmers and agri-business?

Visit a farm-to-table restaurant near you

Next time you are thinking about going out for dinner, do a quick Google search and see if there are any farm-to-table restaurants near you. A restaurant that identifies as farm-to-table means they source the majority of their food and beverage products directly from local producers and are accountable to this goal. Check out these farm-to-table restaurants in southwestern Ontario:

Get Familiar with Local Farms and Food Distribution Initiatives around you

It’s important to understand where our food comes from! Research what is happening in your community to see how you can support local food businesses. Find out what farms are near you and where the closest farmers market is. Some communities also have local food distribution initiatives that exist to make it easier for people to access local food such as On the Move Organics in London.

There are many ways to support local food and farmers and though sometimes it’s not possible to buy local, if we all take small steps and increase our awareness, it will make a big impact!

By Libro Staff