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Libro is actively monitoring COVID-19’s impact on Ontario agriculture. If you have concerns about COVID-19’s impact or potential impact on your farm’s cashflow, please contact your Coach to discuss your options.

Family farms are the heart of southwestern Ontario

We know your farm is your passion and we care about your success. Libro Coaches are passionate about helping farmers thrive throughout growth and change. We take the time to listen and offer you tailored advice specific to your needs. Whether you are a cash crop, livestock or mixed farming enterprise, family-owned, or corporate-owned, your success is our success.

Speak to a Libro Coach  today and experience expert financial coaching to help you succeed. 

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Libro agriculture products

Operating Accounts

We offer a multitude of operating accounts designed to fit your needs. You can take advantage of our night deposit box for overnight cash and cheque deposits, cleared, checked, and processed the next business day. Discover which package is right for you.


This account was created specifically for farmers and provides a way to collect government matching contributions under the AgriInvest program. This is an ideal way to manage small shortfalls in your income.

Borrowing Options

Libro’s options for business and agricultural borrowing cover all the bases. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out, a multi-generational farm enterprise or a business looking to go from small to medium, we have Coaches to help you get where you’re going!

Services that add value

When you run your own agri-business, your needs go beyond cash in and cash out.
Libro offers a variety of services to add value to our relationship and value to you, as a business owner.


Speak to a Coach about financial planning, transition planning and investing.

Employer Services

Libro offers payroll services, financial literacy programs for your employees, and group RRSPs.

​Cash Management

Manage your agri-business's cash through commercial online banking, online bill and tax payments, direct deposit and more.


The Libro Blog: Make Cents of Money

We should know where our food comes from – and stand with Canadian farmers

We should all express gratitude to farmers and other agricultural workers, even during the best of times.

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Farm Transition Planning

Farm transition planning or succession planning is understanding your intentions or expectations for when you want to start slowing down, when you no longer intend to farm, or in the event you cannot farm.

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