Commercial & Agricultural Borrowing

Commercial and Agricultural Borrowing

How you manage borrowing will often dictate how fast you grow, how stable you become and how long you can sustain your business. Borrowing is a fact of business life – having a financial partner who helps you manage the tap in a collaborative way is a huge asset.

Libro’s options for business and agricultural borrowing cover all the bases. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out, a multi-generational farm enterprise or a business looking to go from small to medium, we have Coaches to help you get where you’re going!



Business Visa Card*

Enjoy the benefits of a Libro Visa* Credit Card for corporate or employee expense accounts. Earn a percentage of your monthly net retail transactions with optional cash-back features.


For large equipment, sometimes leasing can make the most sense.

  • Lower initial investment required
  • Flexible terms (up to five years) and payment structures (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually)
  • Tax advantages: taxes paid on each lease payment, not in advance
  • Eligible equipment:
    • Farms: grain bins and harvesting equipment
    • Commercial/Industrial: heavy equipment for mining or construction, office equipment and utility trucks/trailers
    • Medical/Technological: banking systems and computer networks
    • Manufacturing: production and packaging equipment, machine tools and robotics

Operating Lines of Credit

The Operating Line of Credit (LOC) is a revolving loan set up to meet the cash flow requirements of your farm or business.

  • Disbursed in multiples of your choice into your operating account or attached to your operating account as an authorized overdraft
  • Normally repaid as the business generates cash flow
  • While repayable on demand, there is no fixed principal repayment schedule
  • Interest payable monthly
  • Variety of options available to align with your specific business/agriculture needs

Term Loan

A term loan may be used to finance farm or business requirements, such as livestock or equipment.

  • Loan terms from one to ten years
  • Flexible repayment terms, including fixed and variable interest rates
  • Re-advanceable term loans available offering flexibility with drawdowns and repayment within an approved loan limit

Commercial/ Agriculture Mortgage

Commercial/Agriculture mortgages are available for the purchase of land or buildings and for renovations and additions.

  • Available as a first or second mortgage
  • Various fixed-term rates available from six months to 10 years
  • Pre-approved mortgages are available with 60-day rate guarantee
  • Terms are portable and can be transferred to a new mortgage on a new property
  • Multi-advance disbursement options may be available
  • Optional pre-payment privileges available

Construction Mortgage

Construction mortgages are designed for Agriculture and Commercial Owners who are renovating or constructing new building, barns, facilities or homes.

  • Five-year variable term loan, may be converted to fixed loan once the construction phase has been completed, for the remaining balance of the original five-year term
  • Interest-only during the construction phase (up to one year)
  • Funds drawn in set amounts when required
  • Pre-approved mortgages are available with 60-day rate guarantee