Some Choices Matter

Some Choices Matter and where you bank is one of them

Chances are, you've never made the connection between where you bank and what you believe in. If you did, you'd probably belong to a credit union, because credit union share your values.

At Libro Credit Union, we keep your money close to home, where it can do the most good. That makes a difference in your life here, in the local economy and in this amazing community we call home.


Our Service is Better


We think Coaching is what makes Libro truly different. Every customer-Owner at Libro can benefit from a Coach, a financial expert who really cares about you and your success. Your Coach will get to know you and your personal situation, look out for you, and will always recommend whatever makes the most sense for your needs.


Credit Unions are Owned by their Members

Ownership Changes Everything

Because you're an Owner, you are rewarded for the business you do with Libro. As a Libro Owner, you receive an individual share of our profits annually. In 2016 we returned $6.5 Million to Owners in profit and investment shares and dividends


We grow your money locally

Keep Your Money Where It Matters

As a Libro Owner you’re a part of a larger purpose, helping to grow prosperity right here where you live. As a financial co-operative, what benefits Libro also benefits our Owners and our communities. Last year, through community programs, grants, and sponsorship's, we invested $1.5 million to grow prosperity in our local communities.


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Ready to Join Libro?

Experience the Libro difference, open an account today! Opening your first account is a simple process and will only take a few minutes of your time. As long as you're 18 years or older, have a Social Insurance Number (SIN), a valid email address, and a personal cheque pre-printed with your name and address, you're ready to get started!