Libro Credit Union to open location in Old East Village, London

Libro Credit Union to open location in Old East Village, London

Libro Credit Union is thrilled to announce the opening of a new location in London’s Old East Village.

The move, which will see Libro open for business at 874 Dundas Street East, on the north-east corner of Dundas and Ontario streets, will return banking services to the area for the first time since the last bank pulled out in August 2018.

“This is simultaneously a business decision and a statement of intent,” said Shane Butcher, Regional Manager, Libro Credit Union. “Libro is investing in Old East Village because we know it makes sense for us as a company, and because it is the right thing to do for the community.

“We want everyone to know that we believe in Old East Village as a place to do business, and we want the people of Old East Village to look to us as their very own financial institution. We have absolute confidence in them and in this vibrant, vital part of London.”

Libro, southwestern Ontario’s largest credit union, is a certified B Corp and a cooperative, run on democratic principles and led by a social purpose. The credit union has been in discussions with OEV community leaders since OEV was left without a financial institution. Local organizations reached out to Libro, and the credit union examined how it might support OEV revitalization as part of its goal of growing prosperity in southwestern Ontario by transforming banking.

“We’re excited to open our doors in Old East Village,” said Steve Bolton, CEO and Head Coach at Libro. “And we’re exploring our options with an open mind. We’re opening a satellite location, not a full branch, in a relatively small space at Dundas and Ontario – and we hope to expand to meet demand as it grows.”

The location is due to open before the end of 2019 and services to be offered in OEV will include banking services for business, retail and investment customers, on-site financial coaching and a 24/7 ATM and night deposit.

Although Libro is confident of success in Old East Village, the credit union has issued a call to action to the community.

“Thank you to all the individuals and organizations that have helped us to reach this stage and continue to support Libro,” said Nichole Heron, Manager of London Downtown Branch. “Now we’re asking everyone in the area to join Libro in growing prosperity for all. We’re asking the people of Old East Village and beyond to consider switching their banking to Libro.

“The more people join us, the stronger we become together.”

For further information, please contact:
Mike Donachie, Communications Manager, Libro Credit Union
P: 519-672-0130 ext. 4344, C: 226-926-4068,

Leaders at Libro are happy to be interviewed by the media.