Investment Coaching & Advice

Financial Planners, Investment Specialists, Coaches – our job is to help you grow your prosperity.

What makes Libro different when it comes to advice is the quality of the people who offer it and the Owners-first focus that governs how we do business. We genuinely care about your well-being. If you’re not better off because of what we do, we’re not doing our job. Think of it as our Golden Rule.

Why do I need an Investment Coach?

Having a Coach at your side can mean the difference between a base hit and a home run. While you may be tempted to invest heavily or cut and run as the markets shift, your Coach will help you view the cycle of investing through the lens of your end goals.

After adjusting for nearly 50 socio-economic and attitudinal differences, investors with advice are found to accumulate 290% more assets after 15 years than comparable non-advised investors.†

According to the 2016 Canadian Investors’ Perceptions of Mutual Funds and the Mutual Fund Industry, confidence in financial advisors is strong, with 95 per cent of mutual fund investors indicating they can trust their advisor to provide them with sound advice and 88 per cent saying that they get better returns as a result of the advice they receive. Eighty-two per cent credit their advisor with helping them achieve better savings and investment habits, and 91 per cent say they get value for the money they pay to their advisor.

We believe you can’t afford NOT to have an investment coach!

What’s the Price of Advice?

Well, it depends. Just to be perfectly clear, Libro Coaches don’t get paid commissions. Period. We're not here to sell you the next best thing, and we're not here to move your money from place to place every six months. Our co-operative belief is that if our Owners are making more money, so will we.

There may be fees associated with some of the solutions; mutual funds* for example, and the Credential Asset Management Inc. Advisors at Libro are always very open and honest about the specifics. Do-it-yourself online brokers and robo-advisors may be able to offer a cheaper up-front fee. We don’t contest that fact. However, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. The real questions should be, “Am I getting VALUE for my fees?”

Libro Coaches help you grow. We believe in encouraging good investment behaviour, and staying within your tolerance for risk. We believe that staying the course, with occasional course corrections as ‘stuff happens’ is the best way to achieve investment success.

Top 10 Rules of Libro Advice:

  1. Life is demonstrably better with a Coach.
  2. We’re behaviour coaches, not portfolio managers. We’ll hire really smart people to manage the investments. Our job is to focus on you in order to reduce classical behavioural mistakes that many investors make time and time again.
  3. We want to see and understand your entire financial picture. Focusing on an asset mix that meets your needs and keeping your net worth picture up to date is the right approach.
  4. We believe in education, teaching, and promoting full transparency.
  5. There are no bad questions; only good answers.
  6. Learning to save comes before learning to invest. It’s the discipline of savings that really counts in the end, not the return.
  7. Our financial plans will be as complete as you allow us to make them.
  8. Investors come in all shapes and sizes. If you've ever felt like a small fish in a big pond, maybe you need to change ponds. We’d be happy to introduce you to the neighborhood.
  9. Many financial concepts (e.g., pay yourself first) seem simple. That doesn't mean that they're easy. We get that sometimes life gets in the way.
  10. Investing involves noise. Libro Coaches inspire peace of mind with a plan that’s right for you.

BONUS RULE: If you have $50 to invest, or $15 million, we have a solution that can be customized for you. Seriously.


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