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COVID-19 Update:

Collabria is offering cardholders financial support through their Financial Relief Program, including:

  • A temporary interest rate reduction and payment deferral options for qualified cardholders impacted by COVID 19  
  • Support for Canadians stuck outside of Canada
  • Increased contactless payment limits

Please call Cardholder Services at 1-855-341-4643 or visit Collabria’s website to learn more.

Libro Visa* Personal Credit Cards

At Libro, we encourage everyone to budget and save for future purchases and investments. Yet, we recognize that a credit card is often an important and necessary tool in today's world. That’s why Libro is proud to offer customer-Owners a family of Visa* personal and business credit cards built specifically to keep smart spending in focus. There is sure to be a card to fit your needs.

TRy out apple pay with your libro visa*

Libro Visa* credit cards are available with Apple Pay to make purchases on the go. It's simple to use and you can make secure purchases in stores, in apps and on the web. 

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Cash Back

Perfect for those looking to make every dollar count with cash back benefits and no annual fee. $0 annual fee with a 19.90% interest rate.

Centra Gold

Great rewards card with a low rate and fee. $50 annual fee with a 9.90% interest rate.


Low-rate, low-fee card. Great for Owners who sometimes carry a balance on their card, or are looking to get their first credit card. $30 annual fee with a 11.90% interest rate.

Flex Rate

With a credit line and interest rate customized to benefit your financial well-being and a wide-ranging rewards program, the Visa FlexRate Card gives you maximum flexiblity for your lifestyle. $40 annual fee with a varying interest rate.


Ideal for those looking for a premium rewards program, excellent insurance coverage and a competitive rate and annual fee. $120 annual fee with a 19.90% interest rate.


Perfect for students looking to build up credit or better understand how to use a credit card responsibly. $0 annual fee with a 11.90% interest rate.

Travel Rewards Gold

Ideal for those who like to travel. From baggage coverage to emergency health care coverage, you can travel with peace of mind. Plus, you'll earn rewards redeemable for flights, hotels, cruises and more! $99 annual fee with a 19.90% interest rate.

US Dollar

Perfect for those who frequent the United States and are looking avoid fees while traveling or shopping stateside. $50 USD annual fee with a 19.90% interest rate.

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*The Libro Visa credit card is issued by Collabria Financial Services Inc. pursuant to a license from Visa. Visa is a trademark of Visa Int. and is used under license.

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