Credit Cards

At Libro we encourage everyone to budget and save for future purchases and investments. Yet, we recognize that a credit card is an important and necessary tool in today’s payments world. Libro offers the CHOICE REWARDS® MasterCard® credit cards to keep smart spending in focus.

Use the following features comparison chart to see which card fits you.


Annual Fee
Interest Rate
  • CHOICE REWARDS: 1 point / $1 spent
  • 5,000 bonus sign-up points
  • Exceptional card benefits Including travel medical insurance, MasterTrip®, MasterRental® and MasterPurchase®

Low Fee Gold
  • CHOICE REWARDS: 1 point / $1 spent
  • 3,000 bonus sign-up points
  • Exceptional card benefits such as MasterTrip®, MasterRental®, MasterPurchase® and trip cancellation insurance
$59 19.49%
World Elite
  • CHOICE REWARDS: 2 points / $1 spent
  • 5,000 bonus sign-up points
  • Elite level of benefits including MasterTrip®, MasterRental®, MasterPurchase®, price protection, concierge service and travel medical insurance

(all-inclusive fee)

Low Fee
  • CHOICE REWARDS: 1 point / $1 spent
  • 1,000 bonus sign-up points
  • Exceptional card benefits such as MasterTrip® and MasterPurchase®
$24 19.49%
No Fee
  • CHOICE REWARDS: 1 point / $2 spent
  • MasterTrip® including common carrier insurance and baggage delay protection
$0 19.99%
  • CHOICE REWARDS: 1 point / $1 spent
  • 1,000 bonus sign-up points
  • Great benefits such as MasterPurchase® which doubles manufacturer’s warranty up to 2 years on purchases and MasterTrip® insurance
$24 19.49%

No Fee Student

  • No annual fee
  • Perfect for first time Credit Card Owners
  • Ability to upgrade to Student Choice Rewards Card
$0 19.99%

What are MasterCard® CHOICE REWARDS?

Every time you use your CHOICE REWARDS MasterCard®, you collect points that are redeemable towards:

  • Merchandise rewards, charitable donations or Cash Reward options.
  • Travel rewards with no blackout periods, unrestricted seating, cardholders’ choice of travel carrier (airline, train, cruise, etc.). Also includes hotels and car rental agencies.
  • Use your rewards points towards Libro products such as RRSP deposits or to make MasterCard® and loan payments.

What’s included in MasterCard ®Travel Health Plan

The Travel Health Plan has the following medical coverage:

  • Age Coverage: Applies to cardholders under the age of 75 and their dependent children under the age of 21 (under the age of 26 if they are a full-time student).
  • Amount of Days Covered: Up to 15 days.
  • Amount of Coverage: Maximum $2,000,000 per covered person.
  • Services Covered: Hospital services including health care professionals, prescriptions, treatments, emergency dental care and transportation benefits.

Need Additional Travel Insurance?

Your trip might extend past the days covered by your credit card. It’s good to keep in mind that provincial health plans only cover a small portion of the expense if you need medical care outside of your home province. This is where additional travel insurance comes in to play. You need exceptional claims service to keep you protected in case of a medical emergency.

Travel Insurance Plan includes:

  • Up to $5 million in emergency hospital and medical coverage
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • 24/7 access to multi-lingual emergency travel assistance
  • Transportation of family member to your bedside
  • Convenient multi-trip plans for frequent travelers: 8, 15, 35 , 60 or 105 day plans offered.
  • ‘Take Flight’ Plans designed especially for Snowbirds and senior travelers
  • Assistance with lost or stolen travel documents

Lost or stolen MasterCard®?

Please contact CUETS Financial directly at 1-800-567-8111. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.