Banking With a Higher Purpose

Personal banking at Libro comes with service commitments - we believe these commitments add up to a dramatic improvement in banking.

Your Libro Coach helps you connect all the dots and gain control of your money.  An expert who is accountable for helping you improve your financial well-being; supporting you, educating you, and inspiring entire families. We're passionate to do whatever it takes to help you build your own financial happiness.

Daily Banking

Your banking should fit your lifestyle. That's why our chequing and savings accounts are as unique as your needs, designed to grow and change with you. Libro has the knowledge and expertise to tailor financial solutions that are right for you.


Buying a Home

Libro sees a mortgage as an investment in you and yours. That's why Libro mortgages include profit sharing. And that's why a Libro Coach comes with every mortgage and all your banking. Libro Coaches help you get more savings, financial control and a way better sleep as a result.


Investing in the Future

Libro Coaches are not here to sell you the next best thing, and we're not here to move your money from place to place every six months. We're here to help you grow. We believe in staying the course - but also adapting as your timelines and needs change.