Choose Ownership

What is Ownership?

Ownership is taking charge of your direction and reaping the rewards of success. It’s being accountable for your actions and growing from your experiences. At Libro we call our customers Owners because that’s what you are.

As part of Libro’s financial co-operative, you’re part-owner of a company with over 700 employees and more than 106,000 Owners. ​​​​​​Each with a share invested in Libro’s business; who receive a share of the annual profit. And who share a common vision of making smart decisions that positively impact the world around us.


As an Owner, you are rewarded for business you do with Libro. We pay profit shares each year to Owners based on the profitability of the credit union and the volume of business you hold during the year. In 2019, we returned $14.7 million directly to Libro Owners in profit shares, investment shares and dividends.


As a Libro Owner you’re a part of a larger purpose, helping to grow prosperity right here where you live. As a financial co-operative, what benefits Libro also benefits our you and our communities. In 2019, through community programs, grants, and sponsorships, we invested $1.5 million to grow prosperity in local communities.


Coaching is one way that Libro is different. Every Owner at Libro gets their very own Coach, a financial expert who cares about you and your success. Your Coach will get to know you and your personal situation and will always recommend whatever makes the most sense for your needs.

Are You Ready to Become an Owner?

Are you ready to experience the Libro difference and become an Owner? Open an account now and join 103,000 + Libro Owners in finding financial happiness and growing prosperity in southwestern Ontario. Opening your first account is a simple process and will only take a few minutes of your time. As long as you're 18 years or older, have a Social Insurance Number (SIN), a valid email address, and a personal cheque pre-printed with your name and address, you're ready to get started!

Upon receiving your information, a Libro Coach will contact you within two business days. Your privacy and trust are important to us. We will use and protect your information in accordance with our privacy policy.