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5 Steps to follow if you are a victim of fraud

Step 1

Contact Libro to report that you are a victim of fraud. Also, notify any other creditors you deal with and have any credit cards cancelled that may be at risk.

Libro Contact Centre: 1-800-361-8222

Step 2

Change the passwords on all of your online accounts on a secure computer. If you are a victim of online banking fraud your information may have been obtained through a virus on the computer you use to access online banking. If you cannot be sure whether or not your computer is secure, have a Libro representative freeze your online banking access.

Step 3

If you have disclosed personal information to fraudsters, or are a victim of identity theft, place fraud alerts on your credit reports.

Equifax: 1-800-465-7166

Transunion: 1-877-525-3823

For each of the above credit bureaus:

  • Obtain a copy of your report (victims of identity theft can receive copies of their credit reports for free) and ask that no further credit be granted without your approval.
  • Make sure your account is flagged with a “fraud alert” and insist that the alert remain active for the maximum seven years.
  • Send these requests in writing and keep copies for yourself.
  • Review the reports carefully and look for inquiries you didn’t initiate, accounts you didn’t open and unexplained debts.

Step 4

Contact the proper authorities. File a report with your local police department. Keep a copy of the police report and pass along the report number and officer name to Libro, credit card companies, and other creditors you deal with.

Report the fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre:

Toll Free: 1-888-495-8501


Step 5

Keep copies of everything submitted and ensure all information is documented for your records. Stay Educated! The more educated you are about fraud, the lower the risk you have of becoming a victim.

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