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Funding Education

Your child’s education is an important stepping stone to their future success.


Building a financial plan to help them achieve their goals can be challenging. Don’t worry, our Coaches are equipped to help with advice on investing, loans and RESPs. Book some time with a Libro Coach today to learn more.

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It's never too early to start talking about money. Whether your child is opening their first bank account or saving for a car, Libro is here to grow with you, every step of the way.

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Student Awards

Libro's student award program supports youth who demonstrate outstanding commitment to their community while balancing academic success.

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Savings with RESPs

Invest in RESPs and watch them grow along with your kids. RESPs are a tool useful to access education needed for a bright future. Talk to us about getting started.

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There's great tools to help students - loans, a student lines of credit and student credit cards. Our Libro Coaches help you manage which tool is the one for you, with practical, unbiased advice.

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Education is one of the most important investments you’ll make and keep making throughout your life. We explain your investment options to help you choose the right one - you can then save time and money.

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Explore our list of Financial Calculators. For education, we recommend the following calculators:

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