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The world’s trusted currency authority. Transact in foreign exchange, wires and ACH online in a secure environment.

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Powering Your International Business

Providing businesses around the world with expert and custom-tailored national & international payments and foreign exchange products and services to improve their FX outcomes.

The ability to securely and effortlessly transfer funds overseas is crucial to the continued success of Libro Business Owners, and to aid in this Libro has established a partnership with Xe. Owners can now access Xe’s comprehensive online foreign exchange and international payment solutions.

Solutions From the Experts

Dedicated Libro Business Account

Make payments to 130+ countries

Global payment options

  • Wires and ACH – Provide payment through multiple methods and in multiple currencies
  • Spot transfers– Make immediate transfers at the current exchange rate
  • Market orders– Set a target rate and transfer automatically when the rate is reached
  • Forward contracts– Secure today’s rate for a future transfer within three years
  • Mass payments – Make multiple payments seamlessly, removing the manual process altogether
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