Business Plan

Be Libro is why we exist. At the heart of who we are is the social aim of building prosperity, for our Owners, employees and our communities. We do this every day through our business objectives and thoughtful consideration of the economic, social and environmental impacts of our operations.

This type of business model creates shared value for Libro and all of southwestern Ontario, and attracts individuals, business and community organizations who share our common vision. Libro Owners continue to entrust more business with their credit union, engage in more prosperity conversations with their Libro Coaches, and continue to benefit from profit sharing. Owners are also experiencing prosperity coaching, receiving tailored advice and personalized service designed to inspire financial happiness.

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Annual Reports & Financial Statements

We believe this is a time when like-minded people working together can achieve far more than they might on their own.

Shared purpose comes naturally to Libro. As a credit union our approach to co-operative banking services fits these times well. We believe in shared prosperity based on common purpose: achieving financial well-being for our Owners and local businesses; sharing our profits for the good of all; nurturing youth leadership and building strong communities.

2017 Annual Report

Libro achieved strong success in 2017, including a Libro record $10.4 million to Owners in the form of profit sharing and dividends. More results are available in the 2017 Year in Review.

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Historical Reports

For historical annual reports and financial statements from Libro Financial Group, United Communities Credit Union, Kellogg Employees' Credit Union or Hald-Nor Community Credit Union please contact us directly.