Profit Sharing

Profit Share Distributions

Libro Credit Union is a financial co-operative, which means you not only have a say in how the business is run, you share in the profit. At Libro we set positive goals and work together to reach them, with a focus on reinvesting our success into Owners, staff, and our communities.  Profit sharing is just one of the many ways that Libro gives back.

Every adult Libro Owner holds the required amount of Class M Shares (ownership shares); you see that amount on your statement or online banking. These shares remain with Libro as long as you’re an Owner.

Libro Credit Union pays profit shares to Owners based on the profitability of the credit union and the volume of business you hold during the year.  Profit sharing is not guaranteed, and the program is subject to review from time to time.

Here is a sample of profit share distributions in the past few years:


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*Libro Financial Group

What Can You Earn

In 2023, an Owner with $100,000 in average deposits and loans earned $20 in profit shares. In total Libro paid out $1.97 million in profit shares for 2023. There is a $5 minimum payout on profit shares. They are paid annually based on your average balance of the previous fiscal year; so if you’re new to Libro you may not see profit shares the first year you’re an Owner.

Contact your Libro Coach if you have questions about profit sharing.

Investing & Redeeming

Profit shares can be held in your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) once you reach a balance of $500. They are partially redeemable at 20% per Libro’s fiscal year and fully redeemable when you leave Libro, turn 65, or upon death.

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