Owner Representatives

Libro Credit Union values strong and democratic governance as a member-owned and purpose-based co-operative. Our award winning governance structure allows Owner voices to be heard through our Owner Representatives at a ratio of one Owner Representative per 1,000 Owners. This Owner Representative group delivers representative decision-making and are highly informed on governance, strategic and community based initiatives that support our local communities.

Elections by Owners for the Owner Representative positions will be at large within each governance region, by the Owners domiciled in those branches. Each Owner Representative is elected to a three year term and may choose to seek election to any regional council.

Role of an Owner Representative

Libro needs Owner Representatives to be highly engaged and knowledgeable about Libro to act in the credit union’s and Owners’ best interests as a voting governance body. To fulfill that objective, in addition to learning about Libro’s strategy and business, participation in the community components of the role helps to better equip Owner Representatives for the governance elements of the role. This means that Owner Representatives serve a dual role and have both governance and community responsibilities.

Governance responsibilities include:

  • Representing the interests of all Owners
  • Electing Libro’s Board of Directors and making decisions in the best interests of the credit union
  • Attending and participating in governance-related meetings
  • Staying informed about business and other issues that may assist with governance decision making and oversight
  • Advising Libro on governance initiatives and activities

Community responsibilities include:

  • Practicing and expressing Be Libro as an ambassador and role model in the community
  • Acting as a liaison between Owners, the community, and Libro
  • Providing advice on community engagement initiatives
  • Being well informed on community issues




Think you might be interested in becoming an Owner Representatives? Contact a member of Libro’s governance team for more information at governance@libro.ca