Owner Representatives

Libro's award winning Governance structure puts Owners first by ensuring their voices are heard through Owner Representatives. These representatives speak to governance, strategic and community based initiatives that support our local communities. Along with electing Libro’s Board, Owner Representatives approve financial statements, provide direct strategic feedback and select recipients for the investment dollars in their communities.

About the Role

Owner Representatives are elected by branch Owners, either through a vote by ballot or by acclamation. These Owner Representatives speak on behalf of branch Owners and advise and inform the Board of Directors on strategic and community based topics. Owner Representatives receive localized training, community relations opportunities and support over 100,000 Libro Owners through their votes at our Annual General Meeting. They meet bi-monthly with fellow Owner Representatives to discuss specific agenda items, support the Libro Prosperity Fund and keep up to date on important credit union information. The role provides opportunity to meet amazing people, help your community and support Libro as we continue to gain momentum.

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2018 Libro Owner Representatives

Learn More About Owner Representatives

Are you interested in learning more about what being an Owner Representative is all about? Check out the 2018 Libro Owner Representative Candidate Guide for more information or to apply to be an Owner Rep!

If you have any questions, you can connect with a member of Libro's Governance team today.