Libro Credit Union 6th Annual General Meeting

Saturday, April 4, 2020
10 a.m.

The purpose of this meeting was for voting Owner Representatives to receive reports, appoint external auditors, elect Directors, and to handle any business that came before the meeting according to the materials in the AGM Workbook and our credit union's by-laws. Guided by the advice provided by the government we took the precaution of holding this AGM via webcast. 

Download the 2020 Libro AGM Workbook.
View the 2020 Libro Director Candidate Videos.

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View the 6th Annual General Meeting webcast recording below:

Owner Representatives

Owner Representatives are Libro ambassadors who are highly informed on governance, strategic, and community based initiatives that support our local communities. Libro’s Owner Representatives carry the vote of our Owners to make informed governance decisions.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Libro ensures our Owners continue to be placed first in all that we do by creating a long-term sustainable plan, maintaining effective risk oversight, supporting a world-class governance structure and engaging leadership to lead dedicated staff teams.

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Nominations & Elections

Each November Owners elect, by ballot or through acclamation, Owner Representatives in each Libro Region to begin a term on the Regional Council the following January. These passionate individuals in turn elect our Board of Directors on behalf of all Owners at Libro’s Annual General Meeting.

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It is always rewarding to have your voice requested by the decision makers - be it the CEO, a board member, branch manager, or branch staff, but most rewarding is interacting with fellow Libro owners. Sharing in their pride of ownership and understanding of the value of the co-operative movement.

Jeff McCallum


Meet, share and learn with individuals who are passionate about a local financial institution building prosperity for all of its Owners, while working towards a better southwestern Ontario for all.

Community Involvement

Help your local community grow and prosper through the Libro Prosperity Fund and play a key role in determining where and how Libro invests in your neighbourhood. When our communities win, we all win!

Personal Growth

Benefit from valuable training and experience as a Libro Owner Representative that will prepare you to serve in other community positions and roles, and on boards and committees in the non-for-profit sector.