Investment Strategy

If you're serious about saving for the future, investing and growing your prosperity, we're serious about helping you set and achieve your goals.

To be clear, there's no magic, no secret sauce, and definitely no wizard behind the curtain. We’re going to talk about discipline and keeping a long-term vision.

The 6 Critical Factors to Investment Success

  1. Have a plan
  2. Discipline
  3. Appropriate asset mix
  4. Pay reasonable fees
  5. Work with an advisor
  6. Reduce behavioural mistakes

What You’ll Need:

A Coach: Find a Libro Coach who fits with your personality and where you share many (but not necessarily all) beliefs about investing. This is the person you'll work with closely, so chemistry is important. Click here to Contact a Coach.

A plan which includes a net worth statement: This is the benchmark you set together and that you track your progress against regularly. Even if some of your investments, assets or debts are elsewhere, work with your Libro Coach to document everything in one place. That's the only way to find balance.

You should try setting dates for all your investment plans. Retirement dates, kids-in-school dates, dates for using specific proceeds from your investments. Dates are goals.

On occasion, make time to review the plan. Sounds easy - but you'd be amazed at how many people prepare a plan and then promptly forget it in a drawer or let it slide because life gets in the way. Plan on routine reviews (annually, semi-annually - your choice) in person so you and your Coach can stay up to date.

The discipline to pay yourself first. Figure out how much you can put aside every month - then have that amount transferred to your investment plan automatically. Once you get used to it, you’ll be surprised how little you miss it in the short term.

Remember, simple concepts don’t always translate to easy actions. Your Libro Coach will help keep you on track.

Investing with Libro

Stocks and markets will rise and fall. Trends will come and go. Financial advice will continue to evolve. But what will remain constant is your vision of what you're investing for.

That's what drives the Libro approach. Education funds for your children, retirement savings, investments that are used for trips and other big purchases. Understanding what motivates you is what motivates Libro Financial Planners and Investment Specialists.

The constant ups and downs of the market often leave many investors wondering what to do next. People who invest with Libro don't seem to share that sense of anxiety. Talk to a Libro Coach today about building your prosperity.