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How To Send a Secure Message In Online Banking

1.  Start by logging in to Online Banking, this will open the “Accounts” page.

2.   Access Secure Message by clicking on the (1) "Owner Menu" then click (2) “Messages”.

My Account

Libro New Message

3.  The following screen will appear. Click on the (1) “Compose” button at the upper left hand of the screen.

Libro Inbox Messages With Compose Option

4.  You will be receive a page containing a (1) Subject field and a (2) Message field. Enter your content and click (3) "Send".

Libro Message Box Layout

Libro Composing Message

5.  Once the message has been sent you will be brought back to your Message inbox and the new message will appear at the top and your message has been sent.

Libro Inbox Messages

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