Estate Planning

Libro understands that protecting your family and your assets, particularly in the event of unexpected tragedies or significant changes, is important.

Libro Coaches can help you establish a complete estate plan so that you can have peace of mind knowing your wishes will be known and carried out.

Understanding Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process that eliminates uncertainties and maximizes the value of your estate. The steps involved include:

  • Review and document your current financial situation
  • Define your personal and financial goals
  • Identify options and make informed choices that will allow you to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Put your plan into action
  • Review your plan and periodically make adjustments

Working with a professional estate planner enables you to make informed, carefully considered decisions about the things that matter to you most – your family and friends, your own care should you become unable to care for yourself, and the ownership, management, and distribution of assets during and after your lifetime.

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