Credential Direct Online Brokerage

What is Credential Direct® Online Brokerage?

Credential Direct* is Libro’s preferred solution for Owners who want to manage their own investments, or a portion of their own investments.

For example, “Core & Explore” can be a great way to manage your money. One of our Coaches advises you on the “core” of your portfolio (e.g., 90% of your portfolio in a great balanced fund). You “explore” with the remaining 10% if you have the time, resources, and energy to buy and sell stocks, bonds and third party GICs yourself.

Our online brokerage partner, Credential Direct, has it all – fair pricing, excellent service, and a wealth of resources to make investment decisions easier.

Online trading that’s accessible to more Canadians

Investors pay just $8.88 per trade – regardless of account size or trading activity.

Pricing that’s straightforward and easy to understand

When it comes to fees, what you see is what you get. There are no platform fees, subscription fees or hidden ECN fees.

Excellent value, excellent service

It’s a discount brokerage – but they don’t skimp on service, research or tools. Credential Direct delivers unrivaled service and access to premium tools and timely research to everyone, completely free!

Cooperative roots, credit union values

Owned and operated by the Canadian credit union system, Credential Direct is the online brokerage of choice for credit union partners and their members.

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