Investment Shares

Libro Class I Investment Shares

Libro Class I Investment Shares are an exclusive investment opportunity for Libro Owners. When you invest in Libro Investment Shares, you join us in promoting a thriving local economy, while gaining a solid financial return and an option for increased diversification in your investment portfolio.

Libro Investment Shares provide a solid capital base for Libro which helps us achieve our purpose to grow prosperity in southwestern Ontario by creating meaningful employment and supporting affordable housing, local food security and financial resilience.

How Investment Shares Work


Dividends are declared at the discretion of the Board of Directors, and paid annually to Owners who hold shares as of December 31. Payment of dividends is not guaranteed, nor is the dividend yield, and is subject to credit union performance. Dividends are treated as interest income, for tax purposes. Past payment of dividends is no indication of likelihood of future payment.

Historical Libro Investment Share dividend rates:
2021 = 3.5%
2020 = 4%
2019 = 4%
2018 = 4%
2017 = 4%


Fees & Commissions


No fees or commissions apply to purchase or management of Libro Class I Investment Shares. 




Long-term investment; no set term length or maturity date.


Share Value


Shares have a fixed par value of $1.00. There is no active “resale” market for equity shares; they are redeemed or transferred at a fixed value.


Minimum Purchase


1,000 shares ($1,000).




Libro Investment shares may be eligible for your registered or non-registered investment plan; speak to your Coach for details.




Requests to redeem shares (partial or full) are approved at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Each series of Libro Class I Investment Shares has different redemption procedures and policies as outlined in the offering statement at time of purchase.




Investment Shares are transferable, with Board of Directors approval, between Owners of Libro.


Deposit Insurance


Libro Class I Investment Shares are not covered by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario deposit guarantee.



Frequently Asked Questions

How are Libro Investment Shares different from other stocks or common shares?

Libro Investment Shares are available to Libro Owners only.

Unlike common shares, which are valued by the market and go up and down in price, Libro Class I Investment Shares have a fixed redemption value. This means you redeem them for the same price you paid for them. The income earned on Libro Investment Shares is taxed as interest, unlike income typically earned on common shares taxed as dividends. There is no secondary market (stock market) where Libro Investment Shares can be traded.  Redemptions are limited in any fiscal year and dependent on the credit union’s financial situation.

How do I purchase Libro Investment Shares?

If there is no current offering, you can request to be added to a Libro Investment Shares waiting list. When shares become available for sale, we’ll contact Owners on the waiting list about purchasing the available shares.

How long will I be on the waiting list to buy Libro Investment Shares?

There is no guaranteed timeline for Owners on the waiting list. The waiting list is managed on a first-come, first-served basis. We work our way through the waiting list and contact Owners as shares become available.

Who can become a Libro Owner?

Anyone who lives or works in Ontario can bank with Libro by becoming a Libro Owner. There is no fee to join Libro, but adults 18+ are required to hold $50 in membership shares. Membership shares entitle you access to all the financial services of the credit union, and full rights as an owner/shareholder. You can discontinue membership at any time, at which point the membership shares are redeemed and returned to you.

Can you tell me more about Libro Credit Union?

Libro is a credit union operating in southwestern Ontario. Visit our Join Libro page to learn more about Libro.

*Dividends (taxed as interest) are not guaranteed to be declared annually and are non-cumulative. There is no market through which these securities may be sold.  The securities offered are not deposits. The securities offered are not insured.  Class I Investment Shares are subject to the transfer and redemption restrictions under the Ontario Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act, 2020 and the restrictions under the Offering Statement.

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