Each One Teach One: Building financial literacy in our communities

November 13, 2019

In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, we interviewed one of Libro’s Each One Teach One presenters. Each One Teach One (EOTO) is a series of financial literacy workshops presented by Libro staff to local community groups. Financial literacy is having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions.

Rebecca Coker is a Service Supervisor in Kitchener-Waterloo. She is a mom to two young boys and is passionate about football (Go Seahawks!), family, and financial literacy. Rebecca shares her experience as an Each One Teach One presenter and the impact the workshops are making in her community.

What inspired you to get involved in Each One Teach One?

What really inspired me to get involved was the real difference the financial education program was making in people’s lives. After observing a workshop led by a co-worker, I was hooked. The participation, questions and desire to learn from the participants was outstanding.

The EOTO content is formatted in a way that allows the trainer and the attendees to work together and find common ground on the lessons being presented.

Financial literacy is something that I am passionate about and I feel the need to share my financial knowledge and experience where it can make a big difference.

Why is financial literacy important for all Canadians?

Unfortunately we are not taught basic financial topics in school. As Canadians we need to learn as we go when it comes to our finances which often results in high debt and stressful situations.

With EOTO, staff at Libro have been able to share our financial knowledge with others and teach those in our region how to make better financial decisions on their own. The more you know, the better off you will be!

What kind of impact do you think Each One Teach One is having on your community?

I think our financial literacy workshops are having a tremendously positive impact on our communities in southwestern Ontario. Libro presenters have been fortunate enough to assist many of the same organizations repeatedly with EOTO.

Some of these organizations include:

  • Habitat for Humanity where families who are provided with a home can receive their required “involvement” hours by attending an EOTO course
  • The Kitchener Museum where children and families can join a financial education session and learn about budgeting and saving
  • Monica Place where young mothers can attend a financial literacy workshop with their young children and learn about credit, savings and next steps to gain financial freedom

Can you describe a moment where you felt like you were making a difference in an Each One Teach One session?

There have been many times throughout my volunteering where I felt like I was making a difference. When you see participants taking notes, asking questions and having robust conversations amongst themselves, you know you’ve made a difference in their lives and have helped start their financial journey to success.

What is your favourite piece of financial advice?

My favourite piece of financial advice is to ask questions! We always recommend our participants to go into their financial institution and ask their representative questions about their accounts. We reiterate that there are no silly questions and the more they ask, the more they know!

By Rebecca Coker

Community Manager, Downtown Kitchener