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Put Your Values To Work Financially

Our personal values shape how we engage with each other and with the world around us. Business values are much the same. As a social enterprise that also happens to be a $5 Billion financial institution, the values we’ve built into our financial services and local commitments make Libro Credit Union different – a unique, localized approach to banking and how it works for good: for you, your family and your community. That’s how we make money better.

Explore the ideas here and if there seems to be a fit, share your ideas back with us or chat with a Coach using the simple form below.

Bank Locally

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When you bank with Libro, your money stays in southwestern Ontario. We finance over 10,000 businesses in our region. That supports local employment. We invest in community projects that contribute to strong communities, and 100% of Libro’s profits stay close to home.

Profits are shared back to our Owners (our customers) in the form of Profit Shares or Investment Share Dividends. In 2021, profit sharing totaled $13.96 million.

Consider this: if buying locally makes you feel better about what you purchase, how good will you feel when you bank locally?

People & Planet

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When you invest in socially-responsible investments, you are actively making a positive impact on people and our planet while earning competitive returns. Responsible investments incorporate environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) into the selection and management of investments.

As of April 2021, all new mutual fund* accounts offered through Libro’s partner Credential Asset Management Inc. are responsible investments. That’s a bold move.

Be the Change

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You have the power to change the world by choosing to do business with organizations that are working to do that. Libro is proud to be a certified B Corporation®. We always consider our impact on our employees, customer (who we call Owners), and communities, because we believe business should be a force for good.

We meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and social purpose. Learn more about Libro’s B-Corp Certification.

Better Together

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You should feel confident about your money, now and in the future. At Libro, you have a Coach, an expert financial advisor who commits to improving your personal or small business financial performance. We believe the distinction is important.

Coaching is not about selling products or making money for Libro. Think about the difference a financial Coach can make in your life. Join Libro and let’s make money better.

See how people in your community would
make money better.

“I want to earn more interest on my savings, and pay less interest on my mortgage.”


“Money could be better if living green was more affordable.”


“I want to have confidence in knowing that my business will survive extreme highs and lows.”


How would you make money better?

Share what would help you or your community most and we’ll see about making it happen.

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