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How would you make money better?

Everything around you has evolved. How you live, raise kids, how and where you work, how you retire, how we engage as communities.
At Libro, we think it's high time to update how we do money too. How we save, spend, plan and share, and even the role of a financial institution.

So we're inviting you to join us in rethinking money. To join us in making money a force for good, a confidence booster, an ongoing discussion you feel great about.

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Financial Coaching

What's better? Being heard, understood and helped? Or being sold credit cards, debt and fee-based financial products you don't need. The answer is obvious. That's why Libro invented Financial Coaching.

Profit Sharing is Better

You read about soaring bank profits every year. Good for the banks. Libro does well too. Difference is, we share the profits of Libro locally with the people who bank at Libro. That's better.

Libro Builds Better Locally

Libro exists to grow prosperity in our communities and in the region by investing 100% of our profits locally, paying a Living Wage to our people and being a B-Corp. We're upgrading what you should expect from your financial institution.

Better Investing

Working with a Coach on your investment goals leads to better outcomes for investors. Responsible investments lead to better outcomes for all of us. Let us show you how we combine both with our unbiased advice. 

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Better Credit & Mortgages

Let's face it: you will need to borrow money at different times of your life. What would make that experience better? Think of a mortgage or a loan like this: Fit today, freedom tomorrow. That's how to make credit better.

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Better Business Banking

Economic vitality depends on local business success and support. Libro provides the support. So our business owners achieve their goals. That starts with taking a genuine interest in every business and farm owner we serve.

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The Next Generation Answers

We asked the children of Libro Owners to tell us how they'd make money better. Their answers will help you smile - and in many cases, they will make you think.

Watch and Smile