It starts with you.

Helping you achieve your goals, supporting businesses to create a thriving local economy and contributing to strong and prosperous communities. That is why Libro exists. We have a purpose far beyond profit.

Being Purpose driven is not a program we run. It is an attitude we take in everything we do. We are a financial institution that uses all our resources to grow prosperity. And we couldn’t do this without you! It all starts with you.

When you choose to partner with Libro, we work together to help you achieve prosperity, however you define it. We then use the funds you entrust to Libro to strengthen our community with loans and investments. Creating stronger communities, job opportunities, and caring for the environment.

Read on to learn more about Libro's Purpose and how together, we're growing prosperity in southwestern Ontario.

Owners Choose Libro

People are choosing Libro, and they’re doing it because they share Libro values. Those who join like the way we do business. With a triple bottom line, Libro considers the economic, social and environmental impacts of everything we do. A total of 6,835 new Owners joined Libro in 2017 and we serve more than 9,000 businesses across southwestern Ontario.


Working Together

Libro is banking with a difference, because it’s about experts helping you to prosper. It’s all about coaching. You know where you want to go and we’ll help you get there. With a plan in place, you’re making the decisions and you’re doing it with all the information and support you need.

People Entrust Money to Libro

The success story at Libro can be expressed in many ways, including growth. More people are choosing to do more of their business with us, because they trust our approach to doing business and our coaching model. We have $3.1 billion of Owner opportunities our coaches are actively working on to grow our business. Even more importantly, it represents future prosperity for our Owners.

We Invest in People

This is teamwork on a grand scale. Libro Owners trust us with their money in the form of deposits, and we use that money to make loans to other Owners. This money allows us help Owners achieve their dreams of post-secondary education, home ownership and more. We also invest in staff recognizing our positive culture is the heart of our day-to-day work.

Creating Stronger Communities

Libro knows community is about being strong together, creating economic and social opportunities, and caring for the environment. We partnered with the Conference Board of Canada to measure the economic footprint of Libro in southwestern Ontario and we’ve been encouraging Owners to switch to paperless statements.


Our Investments Generate Profit

Profit isn’t our focus, growing prosperity is. Conducting business in that way also happens to be profitable. The more we earn, the more we reinvest in Owners, staff and southwestern Ontario. We’re setting ourselves up for future growth by making the right investments, to bring continuous improvements and make sure we’re ready to do business.

We Share Our Profit

Libro strives to inspire meaningful change in communities. To do this we created a plan to improve economic and social conditions. We’ve been forming key partnerships that are helping create jobs, supporting self-employment and entrepreneurship and building money smarts. We’re calling it the Libro cluster, and it is starting to do great things.


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