Sponsorships and Donations

Working together to make a positive collective impact in southwestern Ontario

Photo of Windsor Soup event

Windsor Soup by Enactus Windsor. Supporting Start-up social enterprises in the community.

2015 and 2016 Achievements:

* 16 monthly micro-funding dinners hosted 64 local entrepreneurs pitched their ventures

* $37,000 raised & 3,000 attendees

Sponsorships and donations are one of the ways Libro invests in our communities. Decisions on sponsorships and donations are made by our branches at the local level - to ensure we are meeting the unique needs of each of our communities.

Opportunities with measurable results and the focus on the following three areas are strong fits for our program. These are the areas where we feel we can make the most impact in helping grow prosperity in our communities.

Regional Economic Development

  • Supporting entrepreneurship, small enterprise and co-operative start-up.
  • Rural and agricultural development planning and revitalization.
  • Food security initiatives.
  • Advancing research and innovation to improve regional economic development projects.

Money Smarts

  • Supporting programs that build financial knowledge and confidence of individuals and families through every stage of life.
  • Advance research and innovation to improve financial literacy initiatives.
  • Assist economically disadvantaged people to build financial assets.

Youth Leadership

  • Supporting youth entrepreneurship and job creation.
  • Opportunities for youth in farming and other rural activities.
  • Youth leadership and career skills development.

Important Information to keep in mind

  • Libro Credit Union accepts sponsorship and donation applications year-round.
  • We appreciate having as much lead time as possible. The greater the notice we're given, the better decisions we can make regarding your application. Typically 4 - 6 weeks are required for us to make a decision about your application and then contact you with a response.
  • Previous sponsorship support by Libro Credit Union does not guarantee approval of your application and not all eligible requests can be funded.
  • We also invest in southwestern Ontario communities through the Prosperity Fund – our annual granting program. Check out to see if your program or initiative might be a good fit.

Ineligible applicants or projects

  • Not aligned with Libro values.
  • Individual or private business applicant.
  • Projects and programs take place outside of southwestern Ontario.
  • Funding the request would attach significant legal exposure or financial risk to Libro.
  • Partisan or religious event or purpose.

How to Apply

Fill out our online application form. This application will walk you through a series of questions depending on the type of request you are making. Make sure to check the “Application Guide” at the top right corner of the application page.

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