Notice of Service Agreement Revision

Notice of Owner Service Agreement Revision effective May 1st, 2017

Our Libro Owner Service Agreement has been revised and will be available on and at your local branch as of May 1st, 2017.

Why did we revise the Owner Service Agreement?

1. Clearer Language and Layout

At Libro, we highly value the opportunity to partner with our Owners and offer unbiased advice through personalized Coaching. A fundamental part of being a Libro Coach is using clear, easy-to-follow language in all our interactions with all our Owners and communities we serve.

We revisited our Owner Service Agreement earlier this year and identified areas to improve our language and the way the information was organized. Our goal is to provide a simple, reader-friendly agreement with a more visually appealing layout for easy reference.

2. Enhanced Digital Banking Services and Security

In our pursuit to transform banking in southwestern Ontario, we are planning to offer enhanced Mobile Banking to our Owners this spring. Very soon, our Owners will be able to do just about everything they can do in Online Banking using our new Mobile Banking.

Due to this development, our Owner Service Agreement had to be revised to include terms and conditions related to our new Mobile Banking.

For example, we have clearly identified various Remote Access activities. We have also openly stated our Online Security Guarantee which provides all our Owners peace of mind while they carry out their transactions online.

3. Legal and Privacy and Confidentiality Protection Requirements

As an acting financial institution in Canada, there are certain privacy and reporting laws that Libro must comply with in order to protect the interests of our Owners and the general public. Due to certain changes in those laws, we are required to update related requirements found in our Owner Service Agreement.

We look forward to sharing our revised Owner Service Agreement with you very soon!

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact our Contact Centre.