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    When I’ll pay more

    By: Candice Worsfold
    8/18/2015 7:30:00 AM

    Most of the time, I’m looking for the best deal. Getting the biggest bang for my buck. Getting more while spending less. You know, no one wants to pay more for something we can get cheaper somewhere else. However there is a time, and a place, when I’m willing to pay more.

    When I need reliable service. I own a home, and we try our best to learn how to fix things ourselves. Recently we visited a large store, and waited quite a while for someone to help us with getting all the materials to install pot lights. Having never done it before, we were willing to wait to ask the “expert”. We asked lots of questions about which lights required which installation pieces; however within 15 minutes of getting home we realized we didn’t have everything we needed.

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    Good Intentions

    By: Candice Worsfold
    7/23/2015 9:35:00 AM

    I think we all have dreams of what and when we want to achieve something; what we want our savings to look like, when we want to purchase a house, or when we want to retire.

    Starting today is far better than having good intentions.

    I recently started working with a personal trainer to take my health and fitness goals to the next level. Over the past 8 months I’ve changed habits, learned that what I thought was “healthy” maybe wasn’t, and worked out differently than I ever have before. If I hadn’t taken the first step 8 months ago to try something different, I wouldn’t feel the way I feel today. Over the past month when I feel like I had an off day, or didn’t give it my all, I remind myself of what I was doing a year ago. My worst exercise and nutrition days now look similar to the best ones I was having before. My habits have totally changed, and I’m doing things naturally with little effort.

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    Wedding Planning: keeping it simple

    By: Candice Worsfold
    6/29/2015 9:56:00 AM

    As I mentioned in a blog post a few weeks ago, I’m getting married this fall. It’s been a very exciting time, and we couldn’t be more excited to have our closest friends and family join us to celebrate our marriage.

    I truly believe what each couple wants on their wedding day is unique to them. Our vision is to celebrate with a small group of people who have impacted both our relationship and our lives. We have a few ideas that are important to us, and we are focusing on making sure those things happen.

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    Wedding Season = Expensive Season

    By: Candice Worsfold
    5/20/2015 8:43:00 AM

    If you are anywhere between the ages of 20 and 35, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It seems that each week, another friend is announcing their engagement on Facebook. Although you feel extremely happy for them, you may wonder how your bank account is going to look post-summer, after you attend all of these weddings.

    Alright, just so this is out there - I’m getting married this September. We’ll be inviting friends and family, including those overseas, to join the celebration of our marriage. Whether they have just our wedding or 10 others to attend this year won’t really be a consideration – we’re inviting those we want to share our day to join us.

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    Commuter Life

    By: Candice Worsfold
    3/23/2015 7:50:00 AM

    Whether you are a student commuting back and forth to university, or have chosen to live outside the city or place you work, it’s important to be smart about your commute. I’ve been commuting to work for almost three years now, so I’ve learned a few tricks along the way.

    Plan around traffic – If you are able to choose your work hours, plan around the traffic. I come in early, which means I miss the traffic in the morning, and I’m able to leave before the big rush at 5 p.m. It’s made my commute much more enjoyable, and takes up less of my day.

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