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    Common sense and plain English insights that form core ideas for managing your money.

    If you're serious about saving for the future, investing and growing your money, we're serious about helping you set and achieve your goals. Our process is simple and proven effective.

    There's no magic, no secret sauce - just discipline and a long-term vision.

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    First Time Home Owner

    Here we discuss first homes & mortgages and how to relieve the stress that usually comes with the home buying process.

    Mortgage Freedom

    How many of you out there have a mortgage? How many want to pay it off? Sooner? Let's talk mortgage freedom.

    Using your Line of Credit

    This episode discusses Lines of Credit and how they are one of the best tools you have for reducing the cost of borrowing.

    Love & Money

    Love and Money - the wonderful world of financial compatibility. More harmony. Fewer surprises.


    This is about investing. Most people find that topic scary. It's too complex or they don't achieve their goals. We're here to help.


    With the rising cost of raising a family, it's important to start planning early when it comes to saving for your kids' education


    This episode is about the TFSA. Too few people seem to know where it fits, short term and long. We'll help.

    Budgeting: Savings

    This episode is about budgeting, specifically "saving". Budgeting isn't just cost-cutting, it's about savings.


    This episode is about getting more of the interest you like and less of the interest you don't like. It's all a matter of time!