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    The building blocks of almost every financial decision involve numbers. Those numbers are often complex. The ideas you need to consider can be complicated. Sometimes you'll be up late at night and you find yourself wondering what to do when your mortgage comes due. Or you're thinking retirement and you want to find out how much money you'll need - or your spouse has changed jobs and you want to re-budget for some income upheaval.

    There are many good reasons to have these calculators and financial tools close by.

    Talk to a Coach

    Libro offers bias-free, commission-free financial coaching to everyone. It starts with just one conversation with a Libro Coach.

    Find a Coach


    Life Events Planner

    Access 31 financial calculators and dynamic reports in the Life Events Calculators section to assess your current financial situation and plan for future goals and events.

    Comfort Zone Calculator

    To determine how much you can afford, calculate your comfortable monthly mortgage payment and then calculate the price of a home.

    Loan Calculator

    Calculate how much your payments will be and how long it may take to pay off a loan.

    Mortgage Calculator

    Use this calculator to generate an amortization schedule for your current mortgage. Quickly see how much interest you will pay, and your principal balances.

    Buy vs. Lease Calculator

    To buy or to lease, that is the question. Every situation is unique. Use this calculator to help figure out your answer.

    Foreign Exchange Calculator

    A quick calculator to help convert between Canadian, US and foreign currencies.

    Profit Sharing Calculator

    As a Libro Owner you share in the profits. Find out what this means for you and your accounts.

    Personal & Investing

    Detailed Budget Worksheet

    This detailed budget worksheet can help you to plan out, on a monthly basis, all of your sources of income and expenses in one unified place.

    Simple Budget Worksheet

    This simple budget worksheet is a great place to start if you want to better understand your income and expenses over a given period of time.

    Estate Checklist

    You can work together with your Libro Coach to build an estate plan which will provide for your loved ones and distribute your assets the way you wish, while minimizing the impact of taxes and administration fees. This checklist is a great starting point.

    Estate Organizer

    The estate organizer gives you the ability to store your personal and financial information in one place. This can provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your affairs are in order and the people who you have asked to act on your behalf will have the necessary details to do so.

    Bill's Hangar

    Bill's Hangar is a fun website for kids. Join Bill and adventure through his website to learn how you can start managing your money smart at a young age!


    Business Planner

    Our experience with businesses of all sorts has taught us helpful questions to ask, and how your answers can help move the financing process along efficiently.

    Cashflow Worksheet

    A simple worksheet to help you better understand and plan for your business' cash flow over a three year period.

    Business Account Deposit Slip

    This PDF form allows you to complete your deposit slip on the computer and print it at your convenience. Totals are automatically calculated. Save a copy for your records.

    Skimming Prevention Kit

    This package includes information about the threats associated with debit card skimming, and the necessary tools to detect skimming devices and prevent skimming attacks at your business.

    Year End Information Sheet

    This information sheet is intended to assist Libro in assessing the progress of your operation over the past year and to compare to previous years.

    Business Banking @ Canada’s Credit Unions

    Canada’s credit unions specialize in business banking. Find out why so many business owners have left their banks in favour of a more personalized approach to business banking.