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  • When You have a Good Idea do you Share It?

    Libro is building a library of good ideas here.

    And we're sharing it with everyone who banks with us along with those who are considering it.

    There are videos, tools & calculators, events, seminars, and in-depth information; everything you need to either feel great about your financial situation or improve it.

    The test of its value is whether you use it and share it. So we're very open to suggestions and ideas about information to add (or drop).

    Start by taking a quick tour of each section. Share what you find with friends, neighbours and relatives. And let's help everyone learn to own their lives.

    Additional Resources

    • Tools & Calculators - There are many good reasons to have these calculators and financial tools close by.
    • Security & Fraud - At Libro, your financial security is very important to us. Learn what you can do to protect yourself and your money from debit card fraud, identity theft, real estate fraud and other scams
    • Library - We've collected together a series of articles that offer advice, tips and tricks to help you be more informed about managing your money.