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    Everyone likes to compare where they're at to other individuals or families in similar circumstances. Comparison is how we learn. So let's create scenarios for learning right here. We'll start with net worth statements and then we'll expand the section to full financial plans and Coaching commentary.

    What's Your Net Worth?

    Everyone can calculate their individual or household Net Worth. Too few of us use it as a tool to establish a personal financial benchmark or the foundation of a financial plan. We have disconnected money in too many places; sometimes the advice we get from different sources even competes.

    So here's where you can change all that.

    We're going to create a collection of scenarios like the one below. We'll have that done in about four weeks. There will be a complete series of family and individual profiles. So you'll be able to either compare your net worth in private to the scenario that comes closest to your lifestyle and life stage - or complete a form and add your scenario (anonymously) to the collection for comment from our experts.

    All forms will be anonymous - unless you say otherwise.



    Brief Family Description:
    We are new empty nesters, with dual income. One person has a pension plan is two years from retirement.

    Monthly Household Income (after tax):          

    Average Monthly Expenses:          

    Major Assets: 
    Income Property                              
    Other Investments                          

    Major Liabilities:
    Income Property Mortgage  
    Line of Credit                        

    Net Worth:      

    Where you want to be in five years:
    We need to get from our dual income lifestyle to a retirement lifestyle based on savings, investments and two part-time incomes. We need to be debt -free and free to travel.




    $   13,300

    $     8,000

    $ 247,000
    $ 187,000
    $ 278,000
    $ 400,000
    $ 350,000
    $   17,000

    $ 200,000
    $   75,000
    $   20,000


    Coaches Comments: