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    2014 Application Form

    The Application period is now open.

    Recipients will be notified of funding decisions for 2014 applications on October 15, 2014.

    Assessment criteria is available here.

    Apply today  

    It's in the details - please review carefully.

    Application Procedure

    • Complete the online version of the application.
      • To save the form to your local computer you must be using Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher.
      • Data entry boxes are limited to the visible space - they do not expand.
      • Data entry boxes highlighted in red are required fields. These must be completed before the application can be submitted.
    • Attach the completed application document to a blank email message, in your preferred email program (Outlook, Hotmail, etc.), and send to the email address indicated on the application.
    • The subject line for the email should read Community Builder Grant Application. You will receive notification, by reply email, when your application has been received if you have used this email subject line.
    • Have all supporting materials ready to include as attachments to the email(s).
      • Keep total email / attachment file size to 3MB or less.
      • More than one email may be sent if necessary.
      • Additional email(s) can be sent using this form or by regular email to the email address included on the application form and should reference the original application by project name and sponsoring organization.

    Important Information

    Please note that we expect the number of applications received to exceed funding capacity. Thus, funding cannot be guaranteed even for projects that meet the program criteria.

    • Carefully read the Libro Community Builder grant assessment criteria to determine if the application is eligible and whether it is a good fit with our program.
    • Applications must be submitted using Libro's standard electronic application form.
    • The application form supports the Adobe suite of products and may not function properly with other PDF readers and generators.
    • You can download free Adobe Reader software from the Adobe site.
    • Libro will not accept paper-based applications.
    • If you are requesting funds for more than one program please complete a separate application for each program.
    • Past experience has shown high levels of application usage in the days just before the application deadline. To avoid delays caused by high usage submit your application early!
    • Libro will not accept applications received after the application deadline. If you need more information or you encounter difficulties you may contact us through this form or by calling 519-672-0124