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    Everyone who has an account at Libro, owns Libro. You have the ability to change the way you bank. We are a community-based credit union that has evolved with the idea that a strong community creates a strong Libro. In order to help create that strong community it's important that we listen to you, our community, and understand your needs.

    As our world advances through innovation, new opportunities arise that help us serve you better. Social media has created a venue where the world comes together to communicate, effortlessly.

    Libro's strategy with social media is simple - to create conversation where you like to converse. We want to engage and communicate with you and others interested in Libro.

    Over time we think our staff will become more engaged through social media to serve you better. Therefore we've created some guidelines to ensure your information stays safe along the way.

    We'd like to start delivering advice, asking you questions and providing a safe, transparent medium to discuss topics that matter to you - that involve Libro, your finances and your community - giving you a choice in how you communicate with us. We look forward to serving you better, always.

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    Libro's social media guidelines